A nuclear welding school will appear in Volgodonsk

On June 18, 2023, Rosatom Corporate Academy and Volgodonsk Engineering and Technical Institute, a branch of the National Nuclear Research University MEPhI, signed an agreement to award the educational institution the status of "Nuclear Welding School". The documents were signed within the framework of the business program of the VIII Industry Professional Skills Championship AtomSkills-2023, which will be held in Ekaterinburg until June 21.
The status of "Nuclear Welding School" will allow the technical school to use training and methodological programs developed by specialists of Rosatom Corporate Academy in accordance with modern requirements to the welding profession.
"The main purpose of signing today's agreement for our institute is to improve the quality of education in the Welding specialty. The task is ambitious, but we strive to make our students the best of the best! - Valentina Rudenko, Head of Volgodonsk Institute of Engineering and Technology (VITI NNRU MEPhI), comments, - The new curriculum will influence the practice-oriented training to become more in-depth as 100% of students will take the demonstration exam. It won't be optional, as it used to be."
The idea to implement the "Nuclear Welding School" project emerged in 2021 as a solution to the problem of acute shortage of highly qualified personnel, especially among young specialists. Despite the modern material and technical base of many Russian technical schools and colleges, the level of knowledge and skills of graduates in most cases is insufficient to work at Rosatom's enterprises. In this regard, a decision was made to implement the "Nuclear Welding Schools" project, which will include retraining of teachers in accordance with the new training programs.
Sergey Shabelnikov, Head of Program for the Development of Industry Competence Centers by Rosatom Corporate Academy: "Nuclear Welding School solves these problems. We have developed a teaching and learning package, including manuals, presentations, and a large number of videos to make learning effective. For comparison, nowadays colleges train welders for 3 years, while the Nuclear Welding School program can train high-class welders in 1 year".
For students, the introduction of an educational program that meets the standards of the nuclear industry will increase the chances of successful employment at ROSATOM enterprises.
Sergey Shabelnikov, Head of Program for the Development of Industry Competence Centers by Rosatom Corporate Academy: "The point of Rosatom Welding School project is not only to train good welders for Rosatom. One of the challenges is to make this project commercially successful for the colleges by attracting students on a fee basis. The fact is that our educational program is broken down into educational thematic modules. That is, it is possible to train not only students from scratch, but also working professionals who want to gain additional professional skills and improve their qualifications. This will allow colleges to learn how to respond to market demand and get feedback, which is sadly not there now."
By the end of 2023, about 10 vocational education institutions will receive the status of Nuclear Welding School based on the signed agreements. By 2029, the deployed network of centers for training qualified welders for the nuclear industry will include 100 Russian technical schools and colleges.
In addition, Rosatom Corporate Academy plans to scale the Nuclear Welding Schools to other competencies relevant to the Corporation.

For reference:
A systematic and comprehensive solution to the problems of shortage of qualified personnel and mismatch of knowledge and skills acquired by young specialists to the real requirements of modern high-tech production is one of the priority tasks of modern vocational education.
ROSATOM consistently implements educational initiatives aimed at solving these problems and unlocking the potential of university and college students by developing the skills necessary for a successful career.
One of such initiatives is the Nuclear School of Welding project developed by Rosatom Corporate Academy together with the Industry Competence Center of AEM-Technology Atommash JSC branch and Moscow College of Architecture, Design and Reengineering No. 26. Kursk Installation College was the first vocational education institution where Nuclear Welding School was organized in 2023.