An Engineering Class will open in Obninsk schools in September

A trilateral agreement on cooperation and interaction was signed between Rosatom Corporate Academy, the Department of General Education of Obninsk Administration and the secondary comprehensive school "Time, Go Ahead!" on June 19, 2023. The ceremony was held as part of the business program of the VIII Industry Professional Skills Championship AtomSkills-2023 in Yekaterinburg.
The agreement was signed by Yulia Uzhakina, General Director of Rosatom Corporate Academy, Tatyana Volnistova, Deputy Head of Obninsk City Administration for education, Head of General Education Department, and Irina Marutina, Director of Obninsk Secondary General Education School No. 18 "Time, Go Ahead!".
The first joint project will be the Engineering 5th Grade, which will appear in the school "Time, Go Ahead!" from September 2023. Recruitment of children willing to study under the new educational program has already been completed.
"We held a competition for the Engineering class. 106 people submitted applications, but we were able to take only 30 students, that is, the competition was more than 3 candidates per position. Engineering education is definitely in demand in our city, especially since it is a city where Rosatom is present," says Irina Marutina, director of the "Time, GO Ahead!" comprehensive school.
Tatyana Volnistova, Deputy Head of Obninsk City Administration for education, Head of General Education Department: "I would say that this is a new round in the development of Obninsk's education system. We appreciate Rosatom Corporate Academy a lot, it's a very strong, professional and competent team. This event is a result of cooperation. I think children will like it!"
The idea to create an Engineering 5th Grade with early career-oriented educational program emerged back in 2022 during Yulia Uzhakina's visit to Obninsk, one of the cities where Rosatom operates. The future secondary school No. 18 was still under construction at that time.
Yulia Uzhakina, General Director of Rosatom Corporate Academy: "Education is a treasure that stays with a person for a lifetime. So, we want children in the cities where the Corporation's enterprises operate to have as many such treasure troves as possible".

Rosatom Corporate Academy is also planning to organize additional classes with schoolchildren in various formats as part of the roadmap for cooperation developed by Rosatom Corporate Academy: from project groups and laboratories to engineering shifts and scientific and technical workshops in such competencies as "3D Modelling", "Manufacturing of Prototypes", "Mobile Robotics", "Karakuri. Engineering Thinking", "Mechatronics/Robotics" and other directions that will be in demand by the students. In addition, school teachers and teachers of additional education will be trained to improve their professional skills.

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The Russian Government and major Russian companies pay great attention to creating the most favorable environment for the development of schoolchildren and students. ROSATOM consistently develops mechanisms and introduces educational initiatives aimed at unlocking and realizing the potential of students of all ages. Various competitions, training intensive courses on the most demanded competences, educational projects and many other things are organized for schoolchildren. This includes career guidance activities aimed at helping children with self-determination and supporting those who have already chosen their future occupation.
In addition, Rosatom implements a comprehensive regional development program "People and Cities" in 28 cities where it operates, including Obninsk. The ultimate goal of the project is to turn nuclear cities into leaders in terms of quality of life and technology development nationwide, including education.