Rosatom's Council of Educators presented projects to improve the school education system

The results of the Green Pen Teacher Training Conference held as part of the Business Program of the VIII Rosatom Industry Professional Skills Championship AtomSkills-2023 were presented at a meeting with Yulia Uzhakina, General Director of Rosatom Corporate Academy.
The main goal of the Green Pen Conference was to find the most promising solutions for the development of technology education. It is important that the conference managed to involve the three parties most interested in the quality learning process - teachers, parents and students.
During the three days of the Teacher Training Project Conference, there were five main subject-matter tracks: "Education Content", "Career Guidance", "Designing Future in Parent-Child-Teacher Cooperation", "Human Resources for Education of Future" and "Technology and Technopreneurship". Project teams researched issues, conducted site surveys, and searched for new ideas and solutions.
On June 19, on the final day of the conference, a presentation of the initiatives developed by the participants took place during a meeting with Yulia Uzhakina, General Director of Rosatom Corporate Academy.
"Thank you for taking the time to think about how to improve educational programs and environments in Russian schools. At this stage, I think it is important to select from all the projects those that can unite and thus strengthen each other. In addition, it is necessary to propose a package of the best initiatives presented today at the federal level," Yulia Uzhakina addressed the project initiators, "I'm sure that your ideas will help strengthen the projects of Rosatom Corporate Academy on teacher development. I realize that there cannot and should not be detailed projects during the conference. But I would like you to keep the courage to follow through and make our school education better."
The authors of the "Laboratory and Chemical Analysis" project presented a comprehensive program designed for grade 7-9 students. The "School Lounge" project involves creating a space for informal communication between children, teachers and parents, and the "School Factory" project is a platform where they can create something new as a team. The EDUzone project is dedicated to the development of an online marketplace-like platform to help schoolchildren participate in Olympiads, and universities and employers to attract talented students. The Nine Months project is designed to solve methodological, motivational, legal and psychological problems of young teachers. A total of 16 projects were submitted.
Yulia Uzhakina noted that it is necessary to consider the possibility of combining ideas into a single concept and integrating them into the framework of projects already being implemented at the federal level.
Additional meetings with project teams were scheduled to finalize project concepts for further piloting in Russian cities of operation with the support of Rosatom Corporate Academy.

For reference:
The Russian government and major Russian companies pay great attention to systematic work to create favorable conditions for the self-fulfillment of young people - schoolchildren and students.
ROSATOM and nuclear enterprises are actively involved in supporting state educational projects and implementing their own initiatives. Various competitions, intensive training courses on various competencies and all-Russian educational projects are organized for schoolchildren to unlock the potential inherent in everyone.
Basic departments are established in Russian universities, scholarship support programs are introduced, educational projects are launched, internships and traineeships are organized for students with subsequent employment. Intensive development of education makes it possible to increase the efficiency of training new personnel. Supporting teachers is a significant part of the work, along with building new infrastructure and developing narrow- focused training programs.
In August 2022, the initiative announced at the Business Program to create the Rosatom Council of Educators was supported as part of the VII Rosatom Industry Professional Skills Championship AtomSkills. The following directions became the priority vectors in the work of the Council: "Research and Analytics", "Development of New Educational Products", "Replication of Best Practices" and "Legislation Development".