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AtomSkills Championship

AtomSkills is a professional skills championship of Rosatom based on the WorldSkills methodology, which has been held since 2016. AtomSkills is a large-scale industry-wide championship movement that unites all professional skills contests held in the nuclear industry and their participants – specialists and veterans of the nuclear industry of trade and cognitive jobs, students of specialized universities and even schoolchildren – into a single Ecosystem of training and development of workers and engineering personnel.

* AtomSkills Standard has been implemented since 2021


AtomSkills Championship Goals

Forming a positive public opinion, raising the prestige of cognitive and trade jobs, motivating workers to improve professional skills in their occupation.
  • 01

    Identifying the best professionals among specialists of trade and cognitive jobs in the nuclear industry.

  • 02

    Identifying talented young specialists among students of specialized educational institutions

  • 03

    Forming the continuity of professional experience among the working staff of the industry and educational institutions

  • 04

    Developing a system of mentoring and development of professional competencies of industry employees

Our Objectives

AtomSkills is a key tool for developing an environment for the exchange of professional knowledge between representatives of generations, ensuring sustainable development and achievement of Rosatom's strategic goals. Participation in the championships offers its participants and experts the widest opportunities for both professional growth and career development


«The Corporate Academy is a key link in the industry. Without it, you can't implement what you want, you can't change the culture, because the Academy works directly with people, it changes the way people think!»
Alexey Likhachev
Rosatom Director General
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VIII Industry Professional Skills Championship AtomSkills-2023 is over

The closing ceremony of the VIII Rosatom Industry Professional Skills Championship AtomSkills-2023 took place in Ekaterinburg on June 21. In 2023, the championship has taken on a new international magnitude and quality. It gathered about 2,000 participants from Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Bolivia, and India.


Andrey Lavrov's speech

Andrey Lavrov. Deputy Director General, Head of Industry Digital Technology Center


Natalya Pichugina's speech

HR Director Greenatom JSC


Igor Shevchenko's speech

President of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI


An Engineering Class will open in Obninsk schools in September

A trilateral agreement on cooperation and interaction was signed between Rosatom Corporate Academy, the Department of General Education of Obninsk Administration and the secondary comprehensive school "Time, Go Ahead!" on June 19, 2023.


An agreement was signed on federal recognition of the qualification compliance of the championship participants as part of AtomSkills-2023

Rosatom Corporate Academy and the Union of Employers of Nuclear Industry, Energy and Science of Russia signed an agreement on June 19, 2023 on the recognition of qualification requirements, expert community, assessment tools, procedures and evaluation criteria of the VIII Rosatom Industry Professional Skills Championship AtomSkills-2023 as a practical part of the independent qualifications assessment in the "Engineering Design" competence.


Rosatom's Council of Educators presented projects to improve the school education system

The results of the Green Pen Teacher Training Conference held as part of the Business Program of the VIII Rosatom Industry Professional Skills Championship AtomSkills-2023 were presented at a meeting with Yulia Uzhakina, General Director of Rosatom Corporate Academy.


For the first time atAtomSkills-2023, mathematical modeling competitions were held

The "Mathematical Modeling" competence was included in the list of AtomSkills disciplines in 2023.


Congratulation from Yulia Uzhakina


A nuclear welding school will appear in Volgodonsk

On June 18, 2023, Rosatom Corporate Academy and Volgodonsk Engineering and Technical Institute, a branch of the National Nuclear Research University MEPhI, signed an agreement to award the educational institution the status of "Nuclear Welding School".

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